Nutty Porridge with Honey Pot

If you like a bit of crunch in your porridge then this is the one for you.  The lovely nutty and creamy texture sweetened with a scoop of delicious honey, turns virtuous oats into manna from heaven.

Only 369kcal per pot after water added – this is a wonderfully tasty, healthy and convenient way to give you energy – from dawn til dusk.

Simply add boiling water and stir in the honey to make a creamy, nutty, nutritious and satisfying porridge to keep you going day or night.

Sold in packs of six pots (6 x 90g)
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Additional Information

Weight 90 g

Rolled Oats , Honey , Chopped Mixed Nuts , Whole Milk Powder


Per 100g
as sold
Per pot
after water added
Energy (kJ) 1721 1549
Energy (kcal) 409 369
Fat (g) 13.2 11.9
of which saturates (g) 3.5 3.2
monounsaturates (g) 5.6 5.1
polyunsaturates (g) 3.6 3.2
Carbohydrates (g) 56.6 50.9
of which sugars (g) 22.2 20.0
of which starch (g) 34.4 30.9
Dietary Fibre (AOAC) (g) 6.9 6.2
Protein (g) 12.6 11.4
Salt (g) (Na x 58.5/23) 0.2 (227mg) 0.2 (204mg)
Sodium (g) 0.1 (89mg) 0.1 (80mg)


  1. out of 5


    Good way to start the day – tried this at a local café and was really impressed.

    Tasty, no nasty additives, just porridge and honey. Surprising low in
    calories too, because the honey is portion controlled.

    Try it – it’s fab

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