The idea of Wolfy’s porridge pots was born during a summer season of wet, windy, cold music festivals.

Our daughter Lucy, whose business Crunchtime Catering provides food for crew, artists and security at events was looking for something portable, tasty and warming to keep the staff going through their long, cold shifts. We came up with the idea of porridge pots. But how to make them tasty? It was then we thought of adding a little pot of jam. We have been making preserves of all sorts under the Kitchen Garden label for over twenty years, so when it comes to jam we know what we’re talking about.

Festival season over and time to develop the flavours. Creamy with Berry Pot, Nutty with Honey Pot and Spiced with Pear and Ginger Pot were our favourites to launch the range. We tried them out on friends, family and strangers and here is some of the feedback received:

I just ate your Creamy Porridge with Berry Pot …  That is some flippin delicious porridge. I was going to have bacon as a little treat for getting up so early but when I got to the onboard cafe the porridge caught my eye.  What a great decision, I loved it. Well done you guys. I’m always gonna
go Wolfy from now on.

I have been camping for two weeks and have tried a lot of porridge, but nothing compares to your porridge! So good that I had to write about it…

Wolfy’s porridge provided the energy to power me around the tour of Wessex this weekend. So good I am planning to use it before during and after the Norsenan Extreme Triathlon in August.

I just wanted to compliment you on my fantastic breakfast I had this morning.  It was Spiced Porridge with Pear and Ginger Pot and was the finest porridge I have ever tasted.