At Wolfy’s we really love porridge and the creamier and tastier the better. Which is why our porridge pots have the unique added feature of another little pot of goodness hidden inside. Scoop, tip, pour, stir or blob the contents of your little pot into the hot creamy oats, and tuck in. No need to add milk. All you need is a kettle or flask of boiling water and a spoon.

Highly Commended in 2015

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Howlin’ Good from Dawn ‘til Dusk

Enjoy spending an extra hour in bed in the morning? Can’t face breakfast first thing? Need something to keep you going later on in the day?

You need Wolfy’s Porridge,
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Howlin’ Good Flavour

Tired of bland or oversweet breakfast cereals? Concerned about the high fat and sugar content in regular snack foods?

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Howlin’ Good Energy

Planning a work out at the gym? Going hiking, biking, camping or glamping? Need something to warm you up or give you some slow release energy?

You need Wolfy’s Porridge.
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